Behind the TableStop

Welcome back! The holiday has done me great and I have decided to quit Behind the Tabletop!

Say what? Yes, though I initially though I would try and redesign what BTT was I more and more came to the conclusion it felt more like work then anything else. Next to that I just don’t like making BTT on my own. And now Roy is focusing on the more important aspects of life and not returning anytime soon I decided to stop making new episodes.

I really liked the experience of making a podcast and might even do it again, I still intent to talk and share about game desing and making games. But making a podcast every week is damn hard work. Prepping, recording, editing, posting, maintaining…. pffff. So I decided dedicating my time to making games again.

So no tears! Because I have a game coming out on the Google Play Store soooooon.

1 thought on “Behind the TableStop

  1. Whelp, that’s a pity, but I understand that the solo thing’s too much work. I had hoped it would be duo time again after summer vacation. Ah well, well wishes for your app project!

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