Tomb Roller – A Solo Push Your Luck Game

Tomb Roller is a solo, push your luck dice game. You take on the role of a brave archaeologist who tries to find its way through ancient tombs looking for treasure! By rolling the dice you search different rooms for clues, trying to avoid traps and dead ends.
But beware. The treasure you find might be booby-trapped! Do you have the wits to take it? Or will you run out of luck…

Let’s roll and find out!

Game Overview

The goal of the game is to complete your map in order to find the treasure room hidden deep within an ancient tomb. Then claim the treasure by playing a small dexterity game. Every play through of Tomb Roller will be different. You never know where you end up next!

The ancient tomb you are exploring has many different rooms each with 4 doors, leading north, east, south and west. One room however contains the precious treasure. You are in the possession of a map but in an unfortunate crafting accident it got cut and mixed up. Lucky for you each room contains a clue about where to go. It is up to you and your dice to find these clues and complete the map. For each map piece you will draw a new room card to search. Once you’ve made your way through the tomb and discovered the treasure room you’re not done yet! As an veteran adventurer you know it is never this easy. In a loose-it-all dexterity game you will have to move around and balance dice to extract the treasure without setting off any traps! Only then you can claim the treasure and win the game!

How to Play

To setup the game, start by shuffling all cards, laying out the 4 direction cards and drawing the top map card.

Then deal 9 room cards to each of the directions. Draw the top room card of the direction shown on your face up map card. You are now ready to explore the tomb and search for the treasure!

The number on a room card indicates how well a clue is hidden, in this case the room has value of 3. A fairly easy room. To successfully find the clue you must roll a number of search results equal to the number shown on the room card, in this case 3. Now take 3 random dice from your dice pool and roll them. You might find it easier to put the dice in bag or cup.

You rolled 2 search results (magnifying glass symbols) and 1 danger result (fire symbol). If you ever roll 3 or more danger results you walk into a trap and must discard a map piece! However the search must go on. You set aside all your search and danger result and take 3 random new dice and roll them.

You rolled 2 hunch (feather symbols) and 1 search results. Normally you must re-roll any hunch results whenever you roll again. But since you’ve rolled a total of 3 searches and didn’t walk into a trap, you find the clue and don’t have to roll again!

Finding a clue means you get to draw a new map piece! Once you have collected 6 map pieces you find the treasure room. Since you don’t have enough map pieces yet you draw the top room card of the last map card and search it for clues. In this case your map leads you east and the room seems more dangerous. You mix up all dice and take 3 random dice and roll them.

You roll 2 dangers and 1 search result. You know rolling one more danger would mean discarding your last map piece, making it harder to find the treasure. Possibly even meaning you won’t be able to find it at all. Luckily as an veteran adventurer you know when to be cautious! Every time before you roll, you may remove ALL danger results and place them on the direction you are exploring. These so called “locked” dice won’t count anymore! This sounds great, but bear in mind locked dice cannot be rolled anymore until they are freed! However, in this case you see no choice and lock the two danger results.

You roll 3 new random dice.

Locking the dice was a good call! You roll 2 more danger and 1 search result. You decide to also lock these 2 dangers and roll again.

Now you have rolled enough searches to find the clue! You may draw a new map and room card. Luckily you draw another map piece leading you east. Whenever you explore a direction with locked dice you may take those dice and add them again to your dice pool! So you get all your dice back, and are half way to finding the treasure room!

Once you managed to find the treasure room it’s only a matter of securing the treasure. But you must do this without setting off any booby-traps! Stack 3 red dice on top of 3 green dice to create a tower. Remove 1 green dice from the tower, by lifting all dice above it at once, and place it back on top. To represent possible difficulties you might be forced to add even more dice to the top of your tower! If you manage to move all green dice (one by one) to the top of the tower you can take them off to claim your treasure. But does the tower topple before you are finished you better run for your life!