I Like It Flat
Sometimes revisiting and reviving an old project can be as much fun as starting a new one. You instantly know when something still works and wasn’t abandoned because of a lack of fun or future. I Like It Flat is definitely one of those games.


A long time ago in true Brokwerk style Roy and I would go to this all you can eat place and design games. Back then we would still only make mobile and desktop games. We came up with the craziest games like Chocolate Chef Bros, a co-op muppet style arcade game about cooking. We also dreamed up many games that never even saw the light of day. But one was special.

I Like It Flat is one of the few games we really wanted to finish and worked on pretty extensively. But as you might already have guessed from the title we never finished it. Until recently I almost forgot about it. We developed the game initially in Flash (I know), and I was checking old Flash projects I did and it resurfaced. I instantly fell back in love with the game and decided to pick up the scraps myself and remake the game using Construct2, a sort of GameMaker. First let me tell you a little more about the game…

I Like It Flat is an infinite arcade style game where you operate three crushers with which you need to crush objects. The more objects you crush the higher your score will be. It sounds simple and it is. But I wouldn’t be me if it ended there, so I came up with a modular power system. The idea is whenever you crush and object perfectly center you get a Nut. With those Nuts you can activate powers for you next run. Each power has an single effect which ranges from slowing down the tracks, turing the game black and white, or doubling your crusher size. You can activate as many powers as you like.

This is where the real fun starts. Let me give an example. There is a power called Hyper Mode, what this power does is whenever you tap a lane to activate the crusher it automatically activates all other crushers. Super handy you would say because you don’t have to hit the right lane. BUT! Everytime you crush the speed of the tracks increase so now, every crush you don’t increase the speed once, but increase the speed 3 times. Ah! So you might also want to activate the Slow Increase power to half the increase of speed every crush. And that is where the true modularity of the power system shines.

This doesn’t just apply to gamaplay it also creates cool effects you can experiment with. One power is called Color Swap, what this power does is everytime you crush it changes the background color. A pretty cool looking effect, but combine it with Hyper Mode and every crush you change every tracks color. And that is just the beginning there are many more cool effects to play around with.

I am working hard to launch I Like It Flat as soon as possible. At first only on the Google Play store but if it makes a little proffit I will buy an developers license and release on IOs as well.

Stay tuned for updates and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Twitter for updates. Let me know in the comments what powers you would add to I Like It Flat!

I Like It Flat
I Like It Flat