The very first episode of the Behind the Tabletop podcast is a fact! Behind the Tabletop is a dutch podcast about tabletop game design and more. In this episode Roy and I discuss Star Wars Legion and it’s mechanics.

Our very first podcast is a fact! A very weird and awkward experience recording a conversation like this. Something that will definitely get better over time as we slowly find our voice and focus! In this episode we talk about the mechanics of Star Wars Legion and how/why they work. We make comparisons with other games, and discuss how Legion breaks open the genre of miniature wargames. A side note for our international fans, for now the podcast will be in dutch. Over time, it is our intention to start podcasting in English. Be sure to leave a comment or like and let us know what you think!

We tried to stay away from explaining the rules as much as we could so for those not familiar with Star Wars Legion check out Fantasy Flight Game’s video serie on Legion!

The Tabletop