Update – Holiday Schedule

Times of relaxation have come here at Brokwerk! I will be going on a family holiday and will therefore be adjusting the release schedule of Behind the Tabletop.

Unlike many pro’s in the field we don’t have any fallback episodes, we just started and released our podcast. This is something I intend to fix when I get back from the holidays, be it solely for my own relaxation. I also would like to use this time to reconsider some choices made regarding the podcast and how I/we intend to keep it going and with what angle. Exciting stuff if you’d ask me!

These next couple of weeks I do intend to keep writing and designing, so make sure to follow us on instagram and twitter, to keep posted!

To gather some inspiration, let me know in the comments what you would like to see/hear from us!

2 thoughts on “Update – Holiday Schedule

  1. As someone who couldn’t even keep his bi-weekly comic update schedule lately, I’d say you are forgiven for these transgressions. 😀 Prettige, ontspannende vakantie met veel ingevingen gewenst!

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